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At EdgeUpwards, we're reshaping the talent acquisition landscape and facilitating digital transformation for our esteemed clients through our specialized IT staffing services. Our cutting-edge talent supplementation engine, the largest in the industry, ensures swift, scalable, and high-quality staffing solutions across the technology spectrum. Additionally, our bespoke training initiatives empower organizations to bridge skill gaps or enhance expertise in niche technologies, fostering sustainable growth and success.

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Contract Talent

In response to evolving business needs, many organizations rely on project-based work, often requiring short-term staff without long-term obligations. If your company is seeking contract talents, we're here to assist. Our solutions empower your organization to efficiently onboard temporary staff while reinforcing your team with skilled professionals, ensuring seamless project execution.

Permanent Talent

EdgeUpwards has a comprehensive team of recruitment experts who address the complex workforce challenges in organizations. We do everything from contingent and permanent staffing to talent management, outsourcing, and talent development. Our team of experts delivers IT staffing solutions that drive your business forward.


Client and our staffing expert connect and discuss client's talent requirements


Our sourcing experts source candidate profiles from Internal database or external sources


Our team of technical experts screens the profiles, ensures competency


Candidate is delivered to the client for further evaluation or hiring

Our Centers of Excellence

Cloud Computing (AWS, AZURE)

Cloud Platforms

AWS services such as EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), S3 (Simple Storage Service), RDS (Relational Database Service), Lambda, etc., and Azure services like Virtual Machines, Blob Storage, SQL Database, Functions, etc.


Docker for creating, deploying, and managing containers, and Kubernetes for container orchestration.

Design features

Bootstrap-based templates

Easily design your own Odoo templates thanks to clean HTML structure and bootstrap CSS.

Professional themes

Change theme in a few clicks, and browse through Odoo's catalog of ready-to-use themes available in our app store.

Industry Expertise

Leverage our Industry & Domain Expertise

Robust Network

Extensive network of skilled IT professionals

Pre-Screened  Talent

We ensure candidates have required skills, experience, and qualifications


We maintain clear and open communication with both clients and candidates